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Ask yourself:

Do you feel tired, fatigued, or low energy?

Do you have discomfort and/or swelling in your joints?

Are you in good shape and want to continue feeling great or go to the next level?

 BEMER should be a tool in your health toolbox

BEMER  - an energy-based therapy that employs physiological regulation.

BEMER  - Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation 

A few of the many advantages:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Boosting the energy in the cells to improve cellular metabolism
  • Increasing oxygen absorption
  • Improving cellular PH
  • Promoting production of Glutathione, an essential antioxidant that allows for detoxification and prevents premature aging.

BEMER devices improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels.  

No matter what ails you or if you just want to stay in good physical  condition BEMER will benefit you.

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Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation.

 The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field meaning that it is the BEMER signal and not the electromagnetic field that acts as the “agent” that stimulates the circulatory response.

The BEMER-Signal

 The unsurpassed BEMER-Signal sets a new standard in the industry with its complex, carefully tuned configuration and timing. Nearly two decades of research and development have resulted in very specific and highly effective modulations of amplitude and frequency which are a worldwide patent-protected feat of German engineering and are used exclusively by BEMER.
Complex calculations and processes are the basis of the signal’s creation by the B.BOX control unit. The signal is then transmitted to the application module for deployment.

Research and Cooperation

Our engineers, scientists and application experts are working directly with renowned scientific institutes and universities in Europe and North America.
In some countries, our cooperation extend even to the level of government agencies to incorporate our technology into their fields of responsibility.

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